May – Things to do in your HUB Student Center

"Things to do in MAY in your HUB Student Center"

1. Review your Final Grades, refer to the View My Grades link. Do you need to adjust your summer and fall plans? Refer to Academic Review
2. If you did not do well this semester, or did not meet the Acceptance Criteria grade point average for your intended major, you should speak with an academic advisor about alternative plans. Refer to Academic Advising Directory
3. If after speaking with an academic advisor you need to adjust your schedule, you can use Enrollment Add, Enrollment Drop, or Enrollment Swap functions in your HUB Student Center.

Depending upon your Overall Grade Point Average, and or your Acceptance Criteria Grade Point Average, you may need to speak with a financial aid advisor to determine if you are eligible for future financial aid. Refer to Financial Aid or call 716-645-8232.