Hub Fluid – Tiles and Tabs you will use to plan for Fall class registration

Graphic showing some of the tabs behind the tiles that you will use to plan for next semester's class registration. Refer to body text for details.


A redesign of the HUB Student Center was unveiled at the end of the Fall 2019 semester. This post will point to some of the most frequently used functions behind the Hub Tiles and associated Tabs that students will use as they plan for their Fall 2020 class registration.

Academic Progress tile

Advisors tab

  • Undergraduate students use this tab for find their assigned advising office, location, telephone number, and departmental email. In some cases student’s will see their assigned academic advisor and that person’s email address.  Additionally many advising offices allow students to schedule an advising appointment from the Advisors tab.

Academic Advising Report (AAR) tab

  • The HUB Academic Advisement Report is an advising tool that tracks progress toward graduation by showing how courses taken meet graduation requirements for all approved undergraduate programs, and some graduate programs. Further information: Registrar: HUB Academic Advising Report

Path Finder tab

  • The Pathways are a series of courses linked together by a broad topic that you choose and examine through multiple perspectives. Through the Pathways you will develop a deep knowledge base in a chosen topic and learn how different disciplines approach a similar line of study. Video tutorial – Path Finder Tool.

Helpful Resources tab

  • The primary university resource that you will use as you develop and manage your academic plan is the Undergraduate Degree and Course Catalog. Use the Catalog Degrees and Programs section to view a complete listing of majors. For any major click the Program Requirements tab to view Acceptance Criteria/Prerequisite Courses and Required Courses for the major. From the Catalog: Policies and Procedures tab, you will find many rules and regulation.  Refer to the UB Curriculum Areas. A first semester freshman should plan to finish your UB Curriculum requirements over the course of your first six or seven semesters

To-Do tile

To-do List and Holds tabs

  • A service indicator/hold is an action used by the university to prevent students from registering for classes, receiving grades, and/or releasing student records, including diplomas, enrollment certification or transcripts. Holds may be placed by various offices on campus for outstanding financial obligations or for failing to submit required documents requested by the university. To review your holds visit your HUB Student Center via MyUB (UBITName and password required). Detailed information about the hold, including steps for resolving it, is available in HUB.

Grades / Awards tile

Grades tab

  • Use the Grades/Award tile to find your Mid-semester Grades. Mid-semester grades of MS (or A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, or C) indicate that you are okay thus far.  Mid-semester grades of MU (or  C-, D+, D, or F) indicate that your performance to date should be of concern.  You should speak with your instructor, or other member of the teaching team for feedback and suggestions.  Further information: Mid-Semester Review Process, Tutoring and Academic Support Services

Manage Classes tile

Enrollment Dates tab

  • To view your Enrollment Date for the upcoming term. Undergraduate enrollment appointment dates will display on the Manage Classes tile when enrollment appointments are assigned for a term. For information regarding a particular terms assignment view the class registration page.

Planner tab

Select Classes tab

  • Use the Select Classes function to search for and select courses to add to your Shopping Cart.

Schedule Builder tab

  • Students can search for courses and plan their schedule utilizing the Schedule Builder tool.  Similar to the Select Classes function,  Schedule Builder uses the power of computing to generate anywhere from on to a thousand schedule scenarios.  This is a very popular tool with students. HUB Student Center Training Guide – Schedule Builder

Shopping Cart tab

  • Using either the Select Classes or Schedule Builder tabs you can select courses to send to your HUB Shopping Cart. The day before your Enrollment Date, you should check your Shopping Cart to ensure that your courses are still “Open”.  If a course is closed you will want to add another course.

View My Schedule tab

  • You can begin to register for your classes on your Enrollment Date. You will be able to see the results of your registration in the View My Schedule tab. HUB Student Center Training Guide – View My Schedule – List View