How to find Recreation Instruction classes for the second half of the semester

Looking to add a 1.0 credit hour class to your Spring 2020 schedule?  Take a look at offering from Recreation Instruction (REC is the Departmental abbreviation).  These 7-week-2nd half of semester courses run from 03/23/2020 to 05/08/2020.

Graphic of the steps to view Recreation Classes available for the second half of the semester. Refer to body text.

How to find a listing of second half of semester Recreation classes

If you are thinking of adding one of these courses to your schedule, print out a copy of your current class schedule. Log into your HUB Student Center, then follow these steps:

    1. Click the Manage Classes tile.
    2. Click the Select Class tab on the side of the page.
    3. You may need to select a Term, in which case enter: Spring 2020
    4. In the Subject row, enter REC. REC is the Abbreviation for the Department of Recreation Instruction
    5. Click the Addition Search Criteria drop down arrow.  This will expand the list of Criteria upon which you can filter your search
    6. In the Session row select University 7 week – Second
    7. Click the Search button.
    8. Once you click the Search button you a brought to the Search Results page.  Note that some REC classes are held in Clark Gym which is on the South Campus.