Fall Semester Class Registration will soon begin. Do you know which courses you will take?

Graphic announcing that FAll 2019 Course registration will be gin soo. Refer to body text for details

Finding the Date and Time when you can begin to register for Fall 2019 classes

To find your specific Enrollment Date and Time look at your HUB Enrollment Dates box. The start time for all Fall 2019 registration dates will be 7:00 a.m. EDT.

Which courses do you need to take next semester?

Two resources that will help you plan and manage your academic path are the Undergraduate Catalog, and the HUB Academic Requirements Report. From these resources you will be able to determine which courses can be used to satisfy Degree Requirements, and the courses and grade point averages required for a major.

Who can help you plan your schedule?

To find your currently assigned Advising Office go the your HUB Advising box.  An advisor can show you how to become familiar with the Undergraduate Catalog.  They can also explain how to read your HUB Academic Requirements Report, and how to select your Thematic and Global Pathway courses using the UB Curriculum Pathfinder Tool. Additionally an advisor can show you how to use the HUB Schedule Builder and Enrollment Shopping Cart functions.

An advisor can also show you where to find your Mid-term and Final Grades via the HUB My Grades function. In addition to looking at individual grades, they will also use the HUB Academic Requirements Report or run a HUB What-If Report to determine your grades point averages for a given major.