Do you know when you can begin registering for fall 2019 classes?

Graphic showing where a student can find their Enrollment Date for registering for Fall 2019 classes. Refer to body text for complete instructions.

Finding your Enrollment Date for Fall 2019 Class Registration

You can find the specific date that you can begin registering for next semester classes by going to your HUB Student Center and looking at the Enrollment Dates box.  The Enrollment Dates box is located in the column on the right hand side of the page. Enrollment dates are assigned based upon the number of credit hours that a student has completed. So your date may be different than your peers.

To find your Enrollment Start Time, click the Details link in the Enrollment Dates box.

What might prevent a student from registering for classes?

A Hold will in most cases prevent you from adding, dropping, resigning, or swapping classes. To see if you have a Hold, find the Hold box that is located at the top of the column running down the right hand side of the screen. If you have a Hold, click the Details link, on the the next page click the link for that Hold.  Do not wait to resolve your Holds. You do not want to miss out on course selection.

Do you know which courses to take next semester?

It is recommended that you meet with an academic advisor once a semester to:

  • Get a sense of how things are going in the current semester
  • Suggest course support / tutoring services, if necessary
  • Alert student to resources (financial aid advisor or International Student advisor) they need to speak with prior to potentially resigning from a course
  • Help you plan out courses to meet the Acceptance Criteria for your intended major
  • Help you pick courses to meet UB Curriculum and Pathway areas
  • If student meets the Acceptance Criteria for major, discuss the process for switching from Undecided to that major (for future advisement, and also for financial aid eligibility)

A student can find their current assigned Advising Center by looking at the HUB Advisor box. This will provide the office location, and phone number.