Fall Semester 2019 Classes begin on August 26, 2019

The fall semester classes begin on Monday, August 26!

Fall Semester 2019 Classes begin on Monday, August 26, 2019.

To view a listing of important dates for the Academic Year 2019-2020, refer to the 2019-2020 Academic Calendar.

To view a listing of important Registration related dates refer to the Office of the Registrar Student Calendar



Fall Semester Class Registration will soon begin. Do you know which courses you will take?

Graphic announcing that FAll 2019 Course registration will be gin soo. Refer to body text for details

Finding the Date and Time when you can begin to register for Fall 2019 classes

To find your specific Enrollment Date and Time look at your HUB Enrollment Dates box. The start time for all Fall 2019 registration dates will be 7:00 a.m. EDT.

Which courses do you need to take next semester?

Two resources that will help you plan and manage your academic path are the Undergraduate Catalog, and the HUB Academic Requirements Report. From these resources you will be able to determine which courses can be used to satisfy Degree Requirements, and the courses and grade point averages required for a major.

Who can help you plan your schedule?

To find your currently assigned Advising Office go the your HUB Advising box.  An advisor can show you how to become familiar with the Undergraduate Catalog.  They can also explain how to read your HUB Academic Requirements Report, and how to select your Thematic and Global Pathway courses using the UB Curriculum Pathfinder Tool. Additionally an advisor can show you how to use the HUB Schedule Builder and Enrollment Shopping Cart functions.

An advisor can also show you where to find your Mid-term and Final Grades via the HUB My Grades function. In addition to looking at individual grades, they will also use the HUB Academic Requirements Report or run a HUB What-If Report to determine your grades point averages for a given major.



Do you know when you can begin registering for fall 2019 classes?

Graphic showing where a student can find their Enrollment Date for registering for Fall 2019 classes. Refer to body text for complete instructions.

Finding your Enrollment Date for Fall 2019 Class Registration

You can find the specific date that you can begin registering for next semester classes by going to your HUB Student Center and looking at the Enrollment Dates box.  The Enrollment Dates box is located in the column on the right hand side of the page. Enrollment dates are assigned based upon the number of credit hours that a student has completed. So your date may be different than your peers.

To find your Enrollment Start Time, click the Details link in the Enrollment Dates box.

What might prevent a student from registering for classes?

A Hold will in most cases prevent you from adding, dropping, resigning, or swapping classes. To see if you have a Hold, find the Hold box that is located at the top of the column running down the right hand side of the screen. If you have a Hold, click the Details link, on the the next page click the link for that Hold.  Do not wait to resolve your Holds. You do not want to miss out on course selection.

Do you know which courses to take next semester?

It is recommended that you meet with an academic advisor once a semester to:

  • Get a sense of how things are going in the current semester
  • Suggest course support / tutoring services, if necessary
  • Alert student to resources (financial aid advisor or International Student advisor) they need to speak with prior to potentially resigning from a course
  • Help you plan out courses to meet the Acceptance Criteria for your intended major
  • Help you pick courses to meet UB Curriculum and Pathway areas
  • If student meets the Acceptance Criteria for major, discuss the process for switching from Undecided to that major (for future advisement, and also for financial aid eligibility)

A student can find their current assigned Advising Center by looking at the HUB Advisor box. This will provide the office location, and phone number.


Fall 2019 Class Schedule Available Now

Graphic announcing that the Fall 2019 Class Schedule is available.  

Fall Semester Class Schedule

The University at Buffalo – Fall Semester 2019 Class Schedule is now available in HUB, and also at UB Registrar – Fall Class Schedule.

Do you know which courses to take next semester?

Do you know which courses you should take next semester to meet Acceptance Criteria requirements for your intended major; or courses for your major; or courses to satisfy UB Curriculum and Pathway areas?  If no, then you should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.  You can find your Advising Office listed in your HUB Student Center – Advisor box.


What to look for after Spring Recess 2019

Spring Recess begins on Monday, March 18 through to Saturday, March 23, 2019. Classes will resume on Monday, March 25, 2019.

During the Spring Recess (on or around Wednesday, March 20, 2019) the following items should be available:

  • Your Enrollment Date for Fall 2019 Registration
  • Fall Class 2019 Class Schedule
  • Schedule Builder
  • Enrollment Shopping Cart

Action items that students should be checking:

  • Go to your HUB Student Center to see if you have any HOLDS.  Most Holds will prevent you from adding and dropping classes.  Resolve immediately.
  • Have you picked your UB Curriculum Pathway courses?  If not, then you may want to watch the Exploring Pathways tutorial.
  • Have you checked your HUB Academic Advisement Report (AAR) and the Undergraduate Catalog to determine which courses you hope to take for the upcoming semester to satisfy Acceptance Criteria for intended major; courses to satisfy Major Requirements; and or courses to meet UB Curriculum areas.
  • Have you scheduled an appointment with an academic advisor.  You can find your currently assigned Advising Office in the HUB Advisor box.  If you are thinking about changing your major, you may want to speak with an advisor with that program. Use the Undergrad Advising Directory to find contact information.





Fall Semester 2019 Class Schedule will be available

Fall Semester 2019 Class Schedule available around March 20, 2019


Preparing for your Academic Advising Appointment

1. Research UB MAJORS

Narrow down which major(s) will be a good fit for your interests and academic strengths.

2. Know How to use HUB, Path Finder & Schedule Builder

View the HUB Student Center Training Guides on the HUB Support Website, including:

  • View Your Holds and Your Advisor.
  • My Advisement Report Overview (if My Planner is used, all planned classes will be incorporated).
  • Create a What-If Advisement Report.
  • Guide to using My Planner (to plan classes for your entire undergraduate career).
  • My Transfer Credit Evaluation Overview.
  • Selecting UB Curriculum Pathways courses via Path Finder.
  • Enroll Using Class Search.
  • Schedule Builder Basics and Tips.

3. Prepare to Register (Review your HUB Student Center Academics Information in MyUB):

On the Student Center tab, in the next few weeks, check your Enrollment Appointment window in the Enrollment Dates box (right side margin) to see what day you can begin registering at 7 a.m. for your upcoming semester’s classes.

Ensure you check your Enrollment Appointment window for both summer and fall registration!

On the Student Center tab, (Academics section), use the drop down menu (left side margin) to locate your Academic Requirements (My Advisement Report), Academic Planner and Transfer Credit Reports. On the Student Center tab, under More Academic Resources section, (lower right hand margin), locate Path Finder.    

View your My Advisement and My Planner Reports and make note of courses you would like to take next semester (and in future semesters). Search for Classes in HUB to learn what courses are being offered and click on Schedule Builder to prepare a schedule that best meets your needs. The Class Schedule is also available on the Office of the Registrar website (left side margin).

If you earned any Advanced Placement (AP), alternative credit or transfer coursework, make sure it is recorded on your Transfer Credit Report. For information on how to send alternative credit or transfer coursework to UB visit:

4. Be Informed

  • Keep abreast of important information and deadlines by reading the Be Advised newsletter.
  • Ensure timely graduation by completing 30 credits a year, declaring your major by 45 credits and gaining acceptance to your major by 60 credits.
  • Access free on-campus tutoring and support your physical and mental health.

5. Start Planning for your Career

Career Services can help you think through your decisions about planning for majors and careers. Learn more about your interests, skills and values and how to apply this knowledge to your academic and career plans. Call 716-645-2231 or stop by Capen 259 to schedule an appointment.


Winter Session 2019 Dates

Winter Session 2019 (3-week)

Classes begin: Thursday, January 3, 2019

Last day to Add/Drop Winter Session classes: Friday, January 4, 2019

Last day to Resign Winter Session classes: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Last day of classes Winter Session: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Final Grades posted to HUB: first week of February 2019

Source: Registrar – Class Registration – Winter 2019, Registrar – Grades


Gear Up For Registration – Fall Semester 2018

Visual graphic showing some of the HUB links a student will use in preparation for class registration for the upcoming semester semester

  1. You should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss how things are going this semester, and your upcoming plans. You can find the location and phone number of your Assigned Advising Center in your Student Center – Advisor Box.
  2. You should check the Student Center – Holds Box on a weekly basis. If you see a Hold listed, click the Details link to find information as to resolving the Hold as soon as possible. A Hold will prevent you from Adding and or Dropping classes.
  3. Do you know when you can begin to register for Fall Semester 2018 classes? No, then check the Enrollment Date box.
  4. How are you doing this semester? Have you checked your Mid-Term Grades? If not, click on the View My Grades or Grades link, and then select the Mid-term Grades tab. Read more about the Mid-Semester Review Process. If you have Mid-term grades of MU (Mid-semester Unsatisfactory) or Letter Grades lower than “C”, you should speak with your instructor immediately. Note the last day to Resign Spring 2018 15-week classes will be Friday, April 20, 2018.
  5. Which courses do you plan on taking next semester? Perhaps some that will be used toward Acceptance Criteria for your intended major, or for the major, or to satisfy UB Curriculum areas and Pathways (Path Finder Tool). The first place to look for information about Acceptance Criteria and Major Requirements for is open the Program Requirements tab for a given major the Undergraduate Degree and Course Catalog. The 4-year Curricular Plans have been reformatted (here is an example of a 4-year Curricular Plan for Geological Sciences BS.
  6. Once you understand the information from the Undergrad Catalog, using the My Requirements report in HUB will be much easier. If you have already selected your Pathways courses to HUB, you can click on your HUB Academic Planner, and assign courses to a particular semester.
  7. Once you have identified which courses you hope to take, use the Schedule Builder to create sample schedules. When you find a schedule you want, you can send it to the Enrollment Shopping Cart. Note: Adding courses to your cart does not guarantee that they will still be open when you register. You will probably want to run the Schedule Builder the evening before your Enrollment Date.
  8. Using the Enroll link, you will be able to start registering for your Fall Semester 2018 classes at 7:00 a.m. on the date listed in the Enrollment Date box (#3 in the diagram). Make sure that you do not have any HOLDs showing in the Hold box.

How should I plan out my UB Curriculum courses?

A visual example of which UB Curriculum courses to take in which semester. Your sequence of courses should be discussed with your academic advisor.

To help you plan your future semester, schedule a meeting with an academic advisor.

You will want to meet with an academic advisor at least once a semester to discuss your progress and academic plans.

  • Fall Registration (and Summer) – schedule an appointment in March or April
  • Spring Registration – schedule an appointment in October or November.

You can find your assigned Advising Office in the Advisor Box on your HUB Student Center.  Here is a link to the Undergraduate Advising Directory.

HIB Student Center screenshot indicating where to find your holds, enrollment dates and advisor information.