Alphabetical Listing of what is behind each tile in HUB

Action you want to do in HUB Go to this HUB Student Center tile:
Academic Program Information Academic Progress
Academic Requirement Report (AAR) Academic Progress
Addresses Profile
Advisor (finding your assigned advising office and advisor) Academic Progress
Apply for Graduation Academic Progress
Billing Instructions Billing / Payments
Browse Course Catalog Manage Classes
Completed Agreements To-Do / Holds
Contact Details Profile
Course History Grades / Awards
Drop Classes Manage Classes
Emergency Contacts Profile
Enrollment Dates Manage Classes
Enrollment Verification Manage Classes
Estimated Cost of Attendance Financial Aid / Scholarships
FERPA Profile
Grades Grades / Awards
Helpful Resources To-Do / Holds
Helpful Resources (Billing) Billing / Payments
Helpful Resources (Financial Aid) Financial Aid / Scholarships
Helpful Resources (Academic Progress) Academic Progress
HOLDS To-Do / Holds
Honor and Awards Grades / Awards
Milestones Academic Progress
Path Finder (for UB Curriculum area) Academic Progress
Payment Options Billing / Payments
Personal Details (Names) Profile
Planner Manage Classes
Request Official Transcript Grades / Awards
Schedule Builder Manage Classes
Search by Requirements (from your Academic Requirement Report (AAR)) Manage Classes
Select Classes Manage Classes
Swap Classes Manage Classes
To-Do Items To-Do / Holds
Transfer Credit Report Academic Progress
View Exam Schedule Manage Classes
View My Classes (List view Schedule) Manage Classes
View Unofficial Transcript Grades / Awards
Weekly Schedule Manage Classes
What-if AAR Report Academic Progress