Do you know when you can begin registering for fall 2019 classes?

Graphic showing where a student can find their Enrollment Date for registering for Fall 2019 classes. Refer to body text for complete instructions.

Finding your Enrollment Date for Fall 2019 Class Registration

You can find the specific date that you can begin registering for next semester classes by going to your HUB Student Center and looking at the Enrollment Dates box.  The Enrollment Dates box is located in the column on the right hand side of the page. Enrollment dates are assigned based upon the number of credit hours that a student has completed. So your date may be different than your peers.

To find your Enrollment Start Time, click the Details link in the Enrollment Dates box.

What might prevent a student from registering for classes?

A Hold will in most cases prevent you from adding, dropping, resigning, or swapping classes. To see if you have a Hold, find the Hold box that is located at the top of the column running down the right hand side of the screen. If you have a Hold, click the Details link, on the the next page click the link for that Hold.  Do not wait to resolve your Holds. You do not want to miss out on course selection.

Do you know which courses to take next semester?

It is recommended that you meet with an academic advisor once a semester to:

  • Get a sense of how things are going in the current semester
  • Suggest course support / tutoring services, if necessary
  • Alert student to resources (financial aid advisor or International Student advisor) they need to speak with prior to potentially resigning from a course
  • Help you plan out courses to meet the Acceptance Criteria for your intended major
  • Help you pick courses to meet UB Curriculum and Pathway areas
  • If student meets the Acceptance Criteria for major, discuss the process for switching from Undecided to that major (for future advisement, and also for financial aid eligibility)

A student can find their current assigned Advising Center by looking at the HUB Advisor box. This will provide the office location, and phone number.


Fall 2019 Class Schedule Available Now

Graphic announcing that the Fall 2019 Class Schedule is available.  

Fall Semester Class Schedule

The University at Buffalo – Fall Semester 2019 Class Schedule is now available in HUB, and also at UB Registrar – Fall Class Schedule.

Do you know which courses to take next semester?

Do you know which courses you should take next semester to meet Acceptance Criteria requirements for your intended major; or courses for your major; or courses to satisfy UB Curriculum and Pathway areas?  If no, then you should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.  You can find your Advising Office listed in your HUB Student Center – Advisor box.


Have you checked your Mid-term Grades in HUB

Infographic showing how to find Mid-semester Grades. Steps explained in the body text.

Mid-Semester Review Process

At the midpoint of each term, instructors indicate to undergraduate students how they are progressing in their courses by providing each student with a mid-term grade. To see these evaluations, students must go to their HUB Student Center, click on the “Grades/Awards” tile, then click on the term. If no evaluation is listed for a course, the instructor was unable to provide the information, and the student should contact them directly for feedback.

These are not final grades nor do they predict final grades. However, an “MU” (midterm unsatisfactory) or any grade below a “C” means there may be concerns about:

  • Attendance
  • Inadequate preparation for class
  • Study skills
  • Adjustment issues
  • Poor performance on tests

Actions a Student Should Take

If a student receives an “MU” (midterm unsatisfactory) or any grade below a “C” they should:

  1. See the instructor during posted office hours or make an appointment to discuss the course, obtain help, and clarify issues of concern.
  2. Speak with an academic advisor to develop strategies to improve academically. A full list of advisement offices can be viewed at Undergraduate Academic Advisement website.
  3. Students can also consult the Mid-Semester Review information and success strategies.

Mid-semester Grading Period – Spring 2020

Week 5 (February 24) –  end of Week 10 (April 10, 2020)

Resigning from a Course

If a student plans to resign (R) from a course, they should consult with an advisor to ensure they understand the consequences. For example, they should:

  1. Verify that they don’t have any holds which can stop them from being able to resign.
  2. Review the Course Enrollment Control Policy since a later repeat registration in a course, including a resigned course, may be limited.
  3. Realize that resignations may impact (1) financial aid; (2) medical insurance eligibility; (3) sequence of required courses; and/or (4) time to graduation.

The educational progress relies on good performance in class. The midterm review process encourages an opportunity for students to talk with their instructors, see their advisor, and to use the services UB has to offer. Mid-semester evaluation followed by positive steps can help students achieve academic success.

Last day to Resign from a 15-week Standard Session course

Friday, April 17, 2020

Source: Registrar – Mid-semester Review Process


Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC) has a New Location

Beginning, Monday, March 18, 2019, the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC) will have a new location, 112 Capen Hall.

Our phone number will remain the same: 716-645-6013, as will our webpage: Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC).


What to look for after Spring Recess 2019

Spring Recess begins on Monday, March 18 through to Saturday, March 23, 2019. Classes will resume on Monday, March 25, 2019.

During the Spring Recess (on or around Wednesday, March 20, 2019) the following items should be available:

  • Your Enrollment Date for Fall 2019 Registration
  • Fall Class 2019 Class Schedule
  • Schedule Builder
  • Enrollment Shopping Cart

Action items that students should be checking:

  • Go to your HUB Student Center to see if you have any HOLDS.  Most Holds will prevent you from adding and dropping classes.  Resolve immediately.
  • Have you picked your UB Curriculum Pathway courses?  If not, then you may want to watch the Exploring Pathways tutorial.
  • Have you checked your HUB Academic Advisement Report (AAR) and the Undergraduate Catalog to determine which courses you hope to take for the upcoming semester to satisfy Acceptance Criteria for intended major; courses to satisfy Major Requirements; and or courses to meet UB Curriculum areas.
  • Have you scheduled an appointment with an academic advisor.  You can find your currently assigned Advising Office in the HUB Advisor box.  If you are thinking about changing your major, you may want to speak with an advisor with that program. Use the Undergrad Advising Directory to find contact information.