Understanding your Final Grades

Picture showing where a student can find their various grade point averages. Refer to the text for full explanation.


All of your final grades for Spring Semester 2108 should have been posted to the View My Grades section of a students HUB Student Center.  In this article we will use the abbreviation gpa to represent Grade Point Average.  If you do not know how a Grade Point Average is computed, refer to this article How a Grade Point Average is Computed.

The View My Grades section will show the final grade for each course taken this semester, and also compute your Semester Grade Point Average and also your Cumulative (Overall) UB Grade Point Average.

The Academic Standards Process is run once grades are posted at the conclusion of each semester.

  • A student is in Good Academic Standing, if their Semester and UB Overall Grade Point Averages (GPA) of 2.0 or above.
  • If a student’s semester or overall gpa is less than 2.00 then they are considered to be in Not Good Academic Standing, in which case they may be placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation.  If both a semester and overall gpa is less than 2.00, a student has a Grade Point Deficit (GPD).  A GPD is the number of Grade Points below a 2.00 Overall GPA.
  • Where to find a Grade Point Deficit.  A student’s GPD is listed in the most recent graded semester on the HUB Unofficial Transcript.
  • If a student has a Grade Point Deficit they should contact the Advising Office that they have been working with as soon as possible.

Acceptance Criteria Grade Point Average

  • Each undergraduate major has established Acceptance Criteria for a Major to gain formal entrance into the program.  The Acceptance Criteria involves completion of specified courses, and earning a specified grade point average in those courses as well as a specified overall grade point average.
  • A Student can find their Acceptance Criteria GPA on their HUB Academic Requirements report, as long as they are coded as intended for that major.
  • If a student is coded as Undecided or a different major but wants to see if they meet the Acceptance Criteria for a specific major, they can run a HUB What-if Report for that major.



Final Grades

UB Grading diagram: Letter Grades and their Grade Point Value
Final grades for Spring Semester 2018 should all be posted by the end of the third week in May. A student’s grades can be found on the View My Grades page in their HUB Student Center.

To be considered in Minimal Good Standing at the University at Buffalo (UB), a student must have a semester grade point average and an overall UB grade point average of 2.00.

To determine a student’s Acceptance Criteria GPA and course completion, a student would refer to their Academic Requirements report in their HUB Student Center.

If a student’s Academic Requirements report is not configured to the major desired, a student will need to run a What-if Report.

In early June the University will begin the Academic Standards Review Process. Students whose overall grade point average is below a 2.0 will either be placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Academic Dismissal. If a student falls into any of these categories, they should immediately contact an academic advisor. A student can find their Advising Office location and phone number in the Advisor Box in their HUB Student Center, or refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory. If the student receives financial aid, or scholarships the student should immediately contact a financial aid advisor to determine how this might affect their continued eligibility to receive financial aid.


Feeling Stressed as the Final Exam Period Approaches?

Stress Management and Prevention

Stress can have a major impact on your grades, your relationships and your life as a college student. In fact, many students say stress is the main obstacle to their academic success. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out, the Student Life Gateway- Stress Management and Prevention page has tips and resources that you may find helpful.