Your Financial Aid Eligibility

Posted March 7, 2017 in Did You Know?

What happens if I do not meet the Financial Aid Eligibility Criteria?

If you are not in an approved major, and also taking courses for that major by the time that you have completed 60 credit hours, you may not be eligible for financial aid.

What You Should Do!

  1. Read the Financial Aid emails that are sent to your UB email account.
  2. If you need further clarification, schedule a meeting with a financial aid advisor
  3. Review your Academic Goals, discuss with those who are helping to fund your investment in your future
  4. Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor
  5. Consider taking summer courses to meet Acceptance Criteria for intended major.

To speak with a financial aid advisor call 716-645-8232.  Web: Financial Aid Info for Current Undergraduate Students

Use the Undergraduate Advising Directory to find contact info for academic advising.