Visualizing a Semester’s Critical Events

Posted July 9, 2018 in New Students, Time Management

A picture showing the chronological events of a semester

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An aspect or attribute of most successful students is the ability to manage time.  This is especially true in a Learner-Center environment such as University at Buffalo.  Here it is your responsibility to  ensure that you do not miss a deadline.  A successful student is prepared, and understands tasks required for each critical event or task.  A successful student also realizes that they may need to seek guidance from instructors, academic advisors, or other professionals in terms of providing feedback and or reviewing, adapting or evolving their plan.

The picture above represents academic and registration events in a somewhat chronological order that occur in a semester.  For the most part the events are drawn from the Academic Calendar and Student Calendars created by the Office of the Registrar.  The one event that is not displayed on either calendar is the Scheduling of an Advisement Appointment.  New students are required to meet with an advisor around the mid-point of their first semester.  However a student can seek guidance and direction at any point in the academic year.

Graphic showing where to find a student's assigned Academic Advisement Office in their HUB Student Center

A student can find their assigned Advising Office by logging into their HUB Student Center’s Advisor Box.  Student’s can also use the Undergrad Advising Directory.