Time to Start Thinking about your Fall Semester Classes

Posted March 2, 2017 in Did You Know?, Important Dates

The Fall 2017 Semester Class Schedule will be published some time after the middle of March.  You should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to:

  • Discuss how the current semester is proceeding
  • Inquire if need be as to tutoring services or options for your current classes
  • Discuss progress toward meeting the Acceptance Criteria for your given major. Or strategies for finding a major
  • Determine your progress toward completion of the UB Curriculum (UB’s new General Education Program)
  • Learn how to use  or interpret various resources in HUB that will help you plan and register for courses:  My Requirements Report, Planner, Holds, Enrollment Date, Schedule Builder, Enrollment Shopping Cart, My Grades, etc.
  • Your Academic Standing, and Mid-term Grades
  • Implication of Course Resignation (academic, financial, and scholarship)
  • Enhancing your undergraduate experience