Things you should do or check on your HUB Student Center in September

Posted September 19, 2017 in Did You Know?, HUB Tips

Things you should do or check on your HUB Student Center in September.

  1. Check the HOLDs box. Click the Details link to see if the HOLD will prevent you from Adding, Dropping, or Resigning courses. Holds – These are actions used by the university to prevent students from registering for classes, receiving grades, and/or releasing student records, including diplomas, enrollment certification or transcripts. Holds may be placed by various offices on campus for outstanding financial obligations, for failing to submit required documents requested by the University, or identity theft.
  2. If you have questions about regarding your academic plans, contact your Advising Office. In addition to be listed in the Advisor Box in HUB you can also refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory.
  3. Have you checked your Academic Requirement report to ensure that all transfer and AP credits are displayed? Refer to  Registrar – Academic Requirement video tutorial
  4. Check your Final Exam schedule for conflicts. Reference: Registrar – Final Exam Schedule
  5. Have you chosen your Thematic and Global Pathway courses (Path Finder Tool), and sent them to your HUB Planner?  If no you may want to watch the Path Finder Tool video.