Thematic Pathway and Global Pathway Planning

Posted February 16, 2017 in Did You Know?, HUB Tips

Have you selected which Thematic and Global Pathways you are going to complete?  Have you then also decided which courses you will use to satisfy each pathway?

Use the UB Curriculum: Pathfinder Tool to identify which Thematic and Global Pathway you want to complete, and which courses you will take to satisfy each Pathway.

Once you have selected pathway courses, you can have them sent to your HUB Planner. Once you have courses added to your Planner, you can then assign specific semesters to them. You will need to also check to ensure that the course is typically offered in that semester by referring to Courses section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Once you have entered courses into your Planner, you will then want to send them to your My Requirements Report (otherwise known as Academic Advisement Report).  You can also send the courses you have designated for the upcoming semester to the Schedule Builder, via which you can create schedule scenarios.