Have You Reviewed Your Final Grades for Fall 2014?

Posted January 7, 2015 in Academic Probation / Dismissal, Did You Know?

Final Grades - danger zone

You can view your Final Grades by logging into your HUB Student Center. Go to the Academic section, and click the View My Grades link.

1. Was your semester grade point average (GPA) below a 2.0?
2. If your GPA was below a 2.0, what courses did you earn grades lower than a “C”?
3. Were these courses “Acceptance Criteria” courses for your intended major?
4. Is your Overall Grade Point Average is below a 2.0? If yes, then you have a Grade Point Deficit (GPD). If you have a GPD of twenty or more, you may be dismissed. Currently the Academic Standards Review is only conducted once a year, at the end of the Spring semester. So if your Fall GPD is greater than 20, you potentially can reduce it depending upon the grades you earn in the Spring Semester.
5. If your Overall GPA is below a 2.0, you will be placed on either Academic Warning or Academic Probation.
6. Have you negatively affected your Financial Aid Eligibility?

What you should do now!
1. Review your study habits. Have you adjusted your study habits to the college teaching style?
2. Are you committed to succeeding at UB? What are your goals and priorities?
3. Contact an academic advisor immediately. Do you need to repeat courses? Do you need to take a lower level course (specifically related to calculus)? Do you need to change your intended major? Find your Academic Advising Office.
4. If you receive Financial Aid, contact a financial aid advisor.