Have you begun studying for your first test?

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Studying outside

Your Study Schedule Checklist for Success
1. Set goals for the semester. Academics is the first priority.
2. Get to class early.
3. In large lecture rooms, sit close to the front of the room.
4. Review Course Syllabi for each course.
5. Are you using a planner or organizer to record important dates for the semester? (Enter dates upon which you will be evaluated via quizzes, tests, papers, or projects. Note some instructors may give unannounced quizzes.

6. Visualizing your class schedule. Use the Weekly Planning Worksheet ( to map your class and study times. Click on image to view full screen.
Visualizing Your class Schedule
7. Visualizing Your study times. Do you know that Professors expect you to spend at least two hours studying outside of class for each credit hour. So if you are registered for 15 credits hours, you schedule at least 30 hours per week for learning, reviewing, retaining course information.
Visualizing your Study Time
Click on image to view full screen.
7. Identify a place to study, other than your room.
8. Determine the times of day in which you are best able to concentrate. If you know that you do not study well in the evening, scheduling study time then will probably not be very beneficial.