Getting your Text books

Posted August 7, 2014 in Getting Ready for your First Semester at UB, Time Management


Time Management Tip: You should have all of your textbooks by the start of the classes.

To get your textbooks you will need to first look at your current Class Schedule. From that you will want to know for each course the Departmental (Course) Abbreviation, Course Number & Component, and Course Section.

Textbooks (no pictures) - Step 1

The Course Section is very important when ordering your textbooks. More than one section of a course may be offered, and each section is taught by a different instructor. Each instructor might order a a different book or books for the course. To ensure that you get the correct textbooks, make sure that you know the Course Section.


Once you have a copy of your class schedule, go the University Bookstore website. You will click the Books link and then you will select: Semester; Department; Course, and Section. Then click the Submit button.


Now you will see a listing of the Course Materials Options, and below that a listing of Purchasing Options: Buy – New; Buy – Used; Rent – New; or Rent – Used.
Textbook Renting Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Options
You You can pre-order and pre-pay. In this scenario you would go to the Online Order Pick Up section of the Textbook Counter. Or, you can shop and pay for your textbooks when you arrive on campus. Lines may be long.

Not every instructor will place their textbook order with the University Bookstore.

If you cannot find your course, you will need to wait until the Instructor hands out his/her Course Syllabus.

Questions? Speak with a University Bookstore representative:
University Bookstore ,
North Campus
200 Lee Entrance
Buffalo,  NY  14228-2574
Phone:  (716) 636-6290 Fax: (716) 645-3731