Getting Around UB

Posted August 13, 2014 in Getting Ready for your First Semester at UB, Time Management

Getting Around Campus

Getting ready for the upcoming semester? If this will be your first semester you will want to know how to get the campuses of UB. From a Time Management perspective you do not want to show up late for class.

Campus Buses (UB Stampede Buses)

The University provides connecting bus service between the North and South Campuses on UB Stampede buses which run approximately every 5 to 10 minutes Monday through Friday during the academic year; every 30 to 60 minutes on weekends and during the summer. Current Bus and Shuttle Schedules.

Stampede Bus Stop Locations
North Campus: Service Center Road, Flint Loop, Governors, Lee Loop, Ellicott Complex (North Campus Map pdf)
South Campus: Goodyear Hall, Main Circle (South Campus map pdf)
In-Between Campuses: Maynard Road and Grover Cleveland Highway (northbound and southbound)

UB does require passengers to swipe their UB Card in to a card reader as they enter UB Stampede buses.

Read more at Campus Transportation

There are many ways of getting around, especially in nice weather. You will find bicycle racks located around both the North and South Campus. If you did not bring a bike to campus, or you are a commuter, you can get a bike via UB’s Bike Share program. Read more at Bicycling at UB

Walking and/or biking are great ways to stay healthy. If you decide to walk to class on North Campus you may want to keep these time in mind:
It takes about 4 minutes to walk from the Natural Science Complex (NSC) to the Student Union.
It takes about 4 minutes to walk from the Student Union to Alumni Arena.
It takes about 12 minutes to walk from the Student Union to the Filmor Academic Classrooms (within the Ellicott Complex)
It takes about 4 minutes to walk from the Student Union to Park Hall and the Flint Loop Bus Stop.

Safety Awareness on Campus