Do You Know What Courses To Take Next Semester?

Posted October 2, 2014 in 101Essentials, New Students

Time to schedule advising appointment

Your Enrollment Date to register for Spring 2015 Classes
You should see your Enrollment Date listed on your HUB Student Center on or around Tuesday, October 21, 2014. This date will be when you can begin to register for Spring 2015 classes.

Schedule an Appointment with your Academic Advisor
You should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor soon. If you are unsure of which Advising Office to call for an appointment refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory.
If you have signed up for Finish in Four, it is mandatory that you schedule an appointment with your advisor once a semester to develop and manage your Academic Plan.

Topics that may be covered in your Advising Appointment
How are things going this semester?
How have did you fare on your first round of tests?
If you are not doing well in a class, have you spoken to the Instructor?
Mid-term grades will be posted to the View My Grades section of your HUB Student Center in mid to late October.
The last day to Resign a 15 week Standard Session course is Friday, November 7, 2014.
If you are going to drop a course, will you fall below 12.0 credit hours?
Are you using any of the Tutoring Services for Students?
Are you planning on continuing with the same major?
Are you changing your major? Do you know where to look to find information about the major, and the Acceptance Criteria for that major?
Do you know how to read your Academic Advisement Report in HUB? What is an Academic Advisement Report?
If you have earned AP (or other forms of Alternative Credit) and or transfer credit from another college or university, are they displayed in your Academic Advisement Report?
Which General Education Area courses will you take next semester?
Might you Repeat a Course in the Spring?
Do you know how to use HUB to Search for Classes, and how to put courses in your Enrollment Shopping Cart?
Tips for Registration from the Registrar.