Did you send your AP Credits to UB?

Posted June 26, 2015 in HUB Tips, New Students


1. Log into MyUB. Then select the HUB Student Center link. Click on any of the slide to view in full screen.

2. In the Academic Section of your HUB Student Center, select the Academic Requirements link for the Other Academic section.

3. To see the main sections of the Academic Requirements Report select Collapse All button.

4. To see if your AP (or other Alternative Credits) have been applied to your Academic Record, you will click the Green Triangle next to Course History.

5. To Expand or Collapse a section click the Green Arrow. This navigation feature is used throughout the My Requirements Report.

6. Course Status Icons: Taken or In Progress

7. Alternative Credit is recorded a Pass Credit. In the Grade column it will be displayed as TP = Transfer Pass Credit
Refer to the UB Advanced Placement AP Chart to see score require for course credit or elective credit.

8. Elective Credit
Pass Credit has no grade point value, and therefore is not used in the computation of a Grade Point Average.

9. If credit is listed in the Course History section, it may also then satisfy an area within the General Education section and/or the Acceptance Criteria section.

10. If you do not see your AP (or other Alternative Credits) listed in the Course History section, you should contact the host source to ensure that your grades and/or transcript have been sent to UB.

You can also contact your Academic Advisor. If you do the contact information for your advising office refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory.