Have you Achieved the Grades you Need?

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Graphic showing final grades on a block graphHave you reviewed your final grades?  Have you also looked at the grades in Acceptance Criteria courses for your major?  Are you at or above baseline threshold?

If no, you should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor as soon as possible.

You can find your assigned Academic Advising Office located in the Advisor Box on your HUB Student Center. You can also look up your advising office by the using the Undergraduate Advising Directory.



Final Grades

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UB Grading diagram: Letter Grades and their Grade Point ValueFinal grades for Spring Semester 2018 should all be posted by the end of the third week in May.   A student’s grades can be found on the View My Grades page in their HUB Student Center.

To be considered in Minimal Good Standing at the University at Buffalo (UB), a student must have a semester grade point average and an overall UB grade point average of 2.00.

To determine a student’s Acceptance Criteria gpa and course completion, a student would refer to their Academic Requirements report in their HUB Student Center.

If a student’s Academic Requirements report is not configured to the major desired, a student will need to run a What- if Report.

In early June the University will begin the Academic Standards Review Process.  Students whose overall grade point average is below a 2.0 will either be placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Academic Dismissal.  If a student falls into any of these categories, they should immediately contact an academic advisor.  A student can find their Advising Office location and phone number in the Advisor Box in their HUB Student Center, or refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory.  If the student receives financial aid, or scholarships the student should immediately contact a financial aid advisor to determine how this might affect their continued eligibility to receive financial aid.




Are you on track?

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Picture show the component areas to earn a degree


Many of our currents students will have already registered for Fall Semester classes.  However that does not mean that there will not be points in the upcoming months in which a student might have to revisit and access their academic plan.  Here are some scenarios in which a student initiate future discussions with an academic advisor:

  • Final Grades for this semester should be posted by the end of May or early June.  If a student’s Acceptance Criteria gpa (grades earned in Prerequisite courses) is below that major’s Acceptance Criteria baseline, it may be time to consider a different academic path.
  • Repeat prerequisite courses over the summer. In some cases a student’s Acceptance Criteria gpa is below the required level, but close enough that repeating a prerequisite course might make sense.
  • Student decides to switch to a new major and wants to know how to be accepted into that program, and also get a sense of how long it will take to complete.
  • A student might also have completed a course whose initial purpose was to satisfy a UB Curriculum requirement, but now find that they want to take another course in that area.  Should they consider a minor in that subject.  A Minor typically requires at least 18 credit hours (six courses).

Do you know where to go speak with an academic advisor?  In you HUB Student Center, you will see an Advisor box on the right hand side of the page.  In that box you will see the Advising Office that you are currently assigned to, and their address and phone number.  You can also find contact information for Advising Offices using the Undergraduate Advising Directory.


Do you know where to find your Final Grades and Grade Point Averages for your major?

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Graphic on which resources to use to find your grades and grade point averages for your majorYou can find your semester final grades via your HUB Student Center – My Grades page.

Look at your Unofficial Transcript, via your HUB Student Center, to see all of your UB semesters.  If you earn Dean’s List, you will see it noted for the semester in which you met Dean’s List criteria.

If you have a Grade Point Average below a 2.00, then you will have a Grade Point Deficit.  Refer to your Unofficial Transcript, and look at the Points column. You will see GPD (Grade Point Deficit) and a number below.  This tells you how many Grade Points you are below a 2.00 Grade Point Average.


How a Grade Point Average (gpa) is Computed

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Graphic showing how a Grade Point Average (gpa) is computed

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The GPA is the ratio of the number of grade points earned to the number of graded credits. The GPA at UB is the ratio of the number of grade points earned at UB to the number of graded credits at UB. Only letter grades of “A,” “A-,” “B+,” “B,” “B-,” “C+,” “C,” “C-,” “D+,” “D,” and “F” are utilized in determining GPA. GPA is also referred to as QPA (quality point average).

Overall GPA

The overall GPA is the ratio of the number of grade points earned at all institutions (UB and transfer) to the number of graded credits at all institutions. The student’s HUB Academic Advisement Report includes the overall average. Reports can be accessed on the HUB Student Center via MyUB.

Grade Points Earned

The number of grade points earned is the sum of the products of the credit hours associated with courses taken and the numerical equivalents of the grades earned for those courses.

Graded Credits

Graded credits are the total number of credits for which the student has earned a letter grade.

Source: Undergraduate Catalog: Grading: Definitions of Grading Terms


UB Grading: Letter Grades and their Grade Point Values

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UB Grading diagram: Letter Grades and their Grade Point ValueTo review UB’s Grading policies refer to the Undergraduate Catalog: Grading Section – Explanation of Grades.



Week 3 – Fall Semester 2017 (9/10/17 – 9/16/17)

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Sunday, September 10 – Saturday, September 16, 2017

Week 3 - Fall Semester 2017 - Importnat Registration Dates

Have you checked your Final Exam Schedule?

No?  Then follow these steps to find your Exam Schedule:

  1. Go to Academic Section of  your HUB Student Center
  2. Click on the Other academic drop down arrow.
  3. From the Other academic list, select Exam Schedule
  4. Double click the Double Arrow icon next to the Other academic box.

A final exam conflict exists when a student has:

  • Three or more exams scheduled on the same day
  • Two exams occurring at the same time
  • When a student’s exam occurs contemporaneously with his or her commencement ceremony for spring or summer conferral

Students who find themselves with an unavoidable exam conflict should contact the instructors of the courses and explain the conflict in exams. Usually one instructor will be able to schedule an alternate time for the student to take their exam. If students are unable to arrange the re-scheduling of examinations with the faculty, undergraduate students should contact the appropriate dean’s office and graduate students should contact their academic department.

Source:  Registrar – Final Exam Schedule

How to find your Exam Schedule in your HUB Student Center.





Have you checked Your Mid-Semester Grades?

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Mid-Semester Review Process

At the midpoint of each term, instructors indicate to undergraduate students how they are progressing in their courses. This is commonly referred to as the mid-semester review process. To see these evaluations, students must go to their HUB Student Center, click on “View My Grades,” then click on the light blue “Mid-term Grades” tab located just above the current courses. If no evaluation is listed for a course, the instructor was unable to provide the information, and the student should contact him or her directly for this feedback.

These are not final grades nor do they predict final grades. However, an “MU” (midterm unsatisfactory) or any grade below a “C” means there may be concerns about:

  • Attendance
  • Inadequate preparation for class
  • Study skills
  • Adjustment issues
  • Poor performance on tests

Actions a Student Should Take

If a student receives an “MU” (midterm unsatisfactory) or any grade below a “C” they should:

  1. See the instructor during posted office hours or make an appointment to discuss the course, obtain help, and clarify issues of concern.
  2. Speak with an academic advisor to develop strategies to improve academically. A full list of advisement offices can be viewed at Undergraduate Academic Advisement website.
  3. Students can also consult the Mid-Semester Review information and success strategies.

Resigning from a Course

If a student plans to resign (R) from a course, they should consult with an advisor to ensure they understand the consequences. For example, they should:

  1. Verify that they don’t have any holds which can stop them from being able to resign.
  2. Review the Course Enrollment Control Policy since a later repeat registration in a course, including a resigned course, may be limited.
  3. Realize that resignations may impact (1) financial aid; (2) medical insurance eligibility; (3) sequence of required courses; and/or (4) time to graduation.

The educational progress relies on good performance in class. The midterm review process encourages an opportunity for students to talk with their instructors, see their advisor, and to use the services UB has to offer. Mid-semester evaluation followed by positive steps can help students achieve academic success.

Source: Office of the Registrar: Mid-Semester Review Process


Official Transcript – How to request (current student)

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Official Transcript Request

Need an Official Transcript to be sent to another school or for a scholarship application? If yes, you can start the process by logging into your HUB Student Center. In the Academic Section, click the Drop-down Arrow and from the list select Transcript: Request Official

You need the Office and Address to where you want the transcript sent.

You will be asked when do you want the transcript sent. If you are currently taking courses, you may want to select the option whereby the Transcript is sent once grades for the current semester have been posted.

We are not permitted to provide transcript services to any current or former student who owes money to the University (tuition/fees, penalties, parking fines, library fines, telephone charges, etc) as designated by the service indicator codes below. Additionally, we cannot release transcripts for students whose names appear on the NYS Student Loan Service Center Loan Default list.

Official transcripts will not be released for students who have university financial obligations, indicated by BAG (No Access to My Account Info), BCA (No Access to My Account Info), BIL (Unpaid Bill), BJD (No Access to My Account Info), BNT (No Access to My Account Info), BPW (No Access to My Account Info), BWO (No Access to My Account Info), DEN (Dental Medicine), FIN (Department Financial Obligation), ILN (Institutional Loan Issue), LAW (Law School), and PAR (Parking Ticket) Service Indicators.

For further information: Office of the Registrar- Transcripts


Have you checked your Mid-Term Grades?

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Check your mid term grades

Have you checked your Mid-Term Grades?

Instructors are assigning mid-term grades for Spring 2016 undergraduate classes. You can view your mid-term grades by going to your HUB Student Center. In the Academic section click the View My Grades link. On the next page you will select a semester. On the Grades page, click the Mid-term Grades tab.

MS = Mid-semester Satisfactory

MU = Mid-semester Unsatisfactory

If you have any mid-semester grades of MU, or letter grades less than a C, discuss options with your instructor as soon as possible.
Source: Undergraduate Catalog – Mid-Semester Review

After speaking with your instructor, you may also want to discuss options and or ramifications with an Academic Advisor and or Financial Aid Advisor.

Last day to Resign a 15-week Standard Session course is Friday, April 15, 2016.

Mid semester grades tab