Mathematics Help Center

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In the Mathematics Help Center, students take advantage of free tutoring, advice, and resources to help them succeed in our courses.

Mathematics Help Center

The Math Help Center offers free, walk-in help on lower level mathematics courses: MTH 121, 122, 131, 141, 142, 241, 306, 309.

Location: Room 107 and Room 110,  Mathematics Building

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00AM-4:00PM on days when classes are in session.

Math Help Center

Tutoring, Advising, and Additional Resources

  • Office hours: for Professors and Teaching Assistants, see the course syllabus and/or course webpage for their office hours. To see a Professor and T.A. at other times, please contact the individual to make an appointment.
  • Private tutors: A list of private tutors is posted in the Main Department Office.
  • Academic Advisement holds Academic Success Workshops, as well as other valuable information for succeeding in college.
  • Missing an Exam: If you miss (or are about to miss) an exam, please speak to the Professor as soon as you can to determine the policy on missed exams, and (possibly) to reschedule the exam.
  • Incompletes: If you are unable to complete a course for a documented medical reason after successfully completing a part of the course, you may request an incomplete (‘I’ grade) from the course instructor.
  • Re-taking courses: Undergraduates may retake any course once, for purposes of improving a grade. See repeat policy. The new grade will replace the old grade in GPA computations, however both the old grade and the new grade appear on the transcript.
  • Other Academic Issues: For other problems, you may wish to speak to your academic advisor, EOP counselor, SEAS advisor, Athletics coach/advisor, or to Patti Wieclaw in the Undergraduate Studies Office.

Are You Ready for Calculus I, Calculus II, … is a collection of Web-based quiz/review programs to test and hone the skills you will need in courses on Calculus and Differential Equations, among others.

Operation Mother Hen is a partnership between the Department of Mathematics and Science and Engineering Node Services (SENS). With support from a Faculty Educational Technology Grant from the University at Buffalo, Operation Mother Hen began as a pilot project in the fall of 1999. The purpose of Operation Mother Hen is to provide entry-level calculus students with an opportunity to review the material that was presented in class by viewing video clips of their instructor as she demonstrates the basic principles of calculus. Operation Mother Hen is not intended as a substitute for class attendance, but rather as a supplement to class attendance. With Operation Mother Hen, students may review the basics as many times as they need to from any Internet-connected computer.

Open Online Courses offers an extensive collection of resources for courses in Mathematics at all levels to aid in your study of mathematics. The free courses include videos, test materials, online textbooks, and lecture notes can help you review and better understand concepts in Mathematics.


What goes into Your Study & Review Plan?

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Study infographic


Your Fall 2015 Tuition Bill is Due on:

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Your Fall 2015 Semester Tuition Bill is Due on

If you enrolled into Fall 2015 classes on or before July 26, 2015, your University eBill is due on August 26, 2015.

If you registered for classes after July 26, 2015 refer to the When We Bill You link to determine when your tuition bill will be due.

Information regarding when your are billed:

When We Bill You

University at Buffalo Tuition & Fees – Fall 2015


Fall Semester 2015 – Classes begin Monday, August 31, 2015

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Fall Semester 2015 - Classes begin

Fall semester 2015 classes begin on Monday, August 31, 2015

Things you will want to do before hand:

Textbooks – starting mid August you should go to the UB Bookstore website to find out which books and resources will be required for your classes. Most, but not all, professors will place their textbook orders with the UB Bookstore. To find your textbooks, you will want to have a copy of your Fall class schedule, pay particular to the class section.
Link to UB Bookstore – Textbook Section

Move in Day. For those living on campus, you can move into your dorm room on Thursday, August 27, 2015.
Link to Residence Hall Check-in Information

Walk through of Your Schedule. Are you worried about getting lost? Print out a copy of your HUB Student Center schedule. One way to familiarize yourself with our campuses is to do a walk through of your schedule during Opening Weekend. Link to Campus Maps

Parking, Campus Buses, Cycling at UB
Link to Campus Parking & Transportation Services


Did you send your AP Credits to UB?

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1. Log into MyUB. Then select the HUB Student Center link. Click on any of the slide to view in full screen.

2. In the Academic Section of your HUB Student Center, select the Academic Requirements link for the Other Academic section.

3. To see the main sections of the Academic Requirements Report select Collapse All button.

4. To see if your AP (or other Alternative Credits) have been applied to your Academic Record, you will click the Green Triangle next to Course History.

5. To Expand or Collapse a section click the Green Arrow. This navigation feature is used throughout the My Requirements Report.

6. Course Status Icons: Taken or In Progress

7. Alternative Credit is recorded a Pass Credit. In the Grade column it will be displayed as TP = Transfer Pass Credit
Refer to the UB Advanced Placement AP Chart to see score require for course credit or elective credit.

8. Elective Credit
Pass Credit has no grade point value, and therefore is not used in the computation of a Grade Point Average.

9. If credit is listed in the Course History section, it may also then satisfy an area within the General Education section and/or the Acceptance Criteria section.

10. If you do not see your AP (or other Alternative Credits) listed in the Course History section, you should contact the host source to ensure that your grades and/or transcript have been sent to UB. Refer to Reference: Undergraduate Catalog –
Alternative Methods for Earning University Credit

You can also contact your Academic Advisor. If you do the contact information for your advising office refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory. http://advising.buffalo.edu/directory/index.php



Getting Around UB

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Getting Around Campus

Getting ready for the upcoming semester? If this will be your first semester you will want to know how to get the campuses of UB. From a Time Management perspective you do not want to show up late for class.

Campus Buses (UB Stampede Buses)

The University provides connecting bus service between the North and South Campuses on UB Stampede buses which run approximately every 5 to 10 minutes Monday through Friday during the academic year; every 30 to 60 minutes on weekends and during the summer. Current Bus and Shuttle Schedules.

Stampede Bus Stop Locations
North Campus: Service Center Road, Flint Loop, Governors, Lee Loop, Ellicott Complex (North Campus Map pdf)
South Campus: Goodyear Hall, Main Circle (South Campus map pdf)
In-Between Campuses: Maynard Road and Grover Cleveland Highway (northbound and southbound)

UB does require passengers to swipe their UB Card in to a card reader as they enter UB Stampede buses.

Read more at Campus Transportation

There are many ways of getting around, especially in nice weather. You will find bicycle racks located around both the North and South Campus. If you did not bring a bike to campus, or you are a commuter, you can get a bike via UB’s Bike Share program. Read more at Bicycling at UB

Walking and/or biking are great ways to stay healthy. If you decide to walk to class on North Campus you may want to keep these time in mind:
It takes about 4 minutes to walk from the Natural Science Complex (NSC) to the Student Union.
It takes about 4 minutes to walk from the Student Union to Alumni Arena.
It takes about 12 minutes to walk from the Student Union to the Filmor Academic Classrooms (within the Ellicott Complex)
It takes about 4 minutes to walk from the Student Union to Park Hall and the Flint Loop Bus Stop.

Safety Awareness on Campus


Getting your Text books

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Time Management Tip: You should have all of your textbooks by the start of the classes.

To get your textbooks you will need to first look at your current Class Schedule. From that you will want to know for each course the Departmental (Course) Abbreviation, Course Number & Component, and Course Section.

Textbooks (no pictures) - Step 1

The Course Section is very important when ordering your textbooks. More than one section of a course may be offered, and each section is taught by a different instructor. Each instructor might order a a different book or books for the course. To ensure that you get the correct textbooks, make sure that you know the Course Section.


Once you have a copy of your class schedule, go the University Bookstore website. You will click the Books link and then you will select: Semester; Department; Course, and Section. Then click the Submit button.


Now you will see a listing of the Course Materials Options, and below that a listing of Purchasing Options: Buy – New; Buy – Used; Rent – New; or Rent – Used.
Textbook Renting Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Options
You You can pre-order and pre-pay. In this scenario you would go to the Online Order Pick Up section of the Textbook Counter. Or, you can shop and pay for your textbooks when you arrive on campus. Lines may be long.

Not every instructor will place their textbook order with the University Bookstore.

If you cannot find your course, you will need to wait until the Instructor hands out his/her Course Syllabus.

Questions? Speak with a University Bookstore representative:
University Bookstore ,
North Campus
200 Lee Entrance
Buffalo,  NY  14228-2574
Phone:  (716) 636-6290 Fax: (716) 645-3731
Email: buffalo@bkstr.com