Do you know where to find your Final Grades and Grade Point Averages for your major?

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Graphic on which resources to use to find your grades and grade point averages for your majorYou can find your semester final grades via your HUB Student Center – My Grades page.

Look at your Unofficial Transcript, via your HUB Student Center, to see all of your UB semesters.  If you earn Dean’s List, you will see it noted for the semester in which you met Dean’s List criteria.

If you have a Grade Point Average below a 2.00, then you will have a Grade Point Deficit.  Refer to your Unofficial Transcript, and look at the Points column. You will see GPD (Grade Point Deficit) and a number below.  This tells you how many Grade Points you are below a 2.00 Grade Point Average.


I don’t see my Spring 2018 Class Schedule. Where did it go?

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The reason that you do not see your Spring 2018 is that HUB is displaying the Winter Session. To view your Spring class schedule, go the Other Academic drop down box and select Class Schedule. Then select the semester/term.Can’t find your Spring Class Schedule?  Don’t be alarmed. You can view it by going to the Other Academic drop down box and then selecting Class Schedule. Once you select Class Schedule, you will then select the Term (Semester or Session) that you are looking for.

The reason that you do not see your Spring Semester Schedule is because HUB is currently formatted for the Winter Session.



Last day to Resign a Fall 2017 !5-week Class is Friday, November 10, 2017

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The last day to Resign a 15-week Standard Session course is Friday, November 10, 2017 by 11:59:59 p.m. Last day to resign a 15-week standard session course is Friday, November 10, 2017

Drop/Add/Resign Courses

Visit your HUB Student center (via MyUB, UBITName required) to add and drop courses. A course is not “dropped” until you process the request in your HUB Student Center.

Resigning a Course

During the fall and spring semesters, from the 7th day of classes until the end of the 11th week of classes, you may visit your HUB Student Center (via MyUB, UBITName and password required) to resign from one or more of your classes. The result of this action is that an “R” remains on your transcript as a neutral indicator of the action. There may be a 50% – 100% tuition penalty for resigning a course, depending on when you resign the course. See Financial Liability Deadlines.

Please also consider the following before resigning from a class:

  • You must resign by 11:59 pm EST on the last day to resign date for your transaction to be accepted and processed within the deadline.
  • You should speak with your academic and/or financial aid advisor regarding the impact of dropping or resigning a course.
  • If you do not drop or resign from a course, you are obligated to pay the tuition and fees, and you will be graded for the course, even if you did not attend it.
  • When resigning from a course, undergraduate students should determine if the course is impacted. Impacted courses cannot be repeated during the fall or spring semesters. (See Priority Registration for Students Attempting a Course for the First Time.)



Spring 2018 Class Schedule on-line Now

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Spring Class Schedule is available for viewing

The Spring 2018 Class Schedule is available for viewing.

Have you logged into your HUB Student Center to:

  • Check the date and time that you can begin registering for Spring classes (HUB – Enrollment Date box)?
  • See if you have any HOLDs? A Hold may prevent you from adding, dropping or resigning classes. (HUB – Holds box)
  • Checked your Mid-term Grades (HUB – View My Grades link)
  • Select courses to meet Acceptance Criteria requirements for your intended major and or  (Undergraduate Catalog and HUB – My Requirements Report)?
  • Used Pathfinder Tool to select Thematic and Global Pathway courses, then send them to your HUB-Planner?
  • Used HUB – Schedule Builder to create ideal schedule and sent to HUB – Enrollment Shopping Cart?

Have you scheduled an advising meetingYou can find your Advising Office listed in the HUB – Advisor box or refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory


Understanding your HUB My Requirements report – Course History section

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  1. In this post we are going to look at the Course History section of a HUB My Requirement report.  We would start by clicking the Collapse All button.
  2. Throughout the My Requirements report you will see green triangle icons, they will either Expand or Collapse a section.
  3. The Legend is located toward the top of the page.  Currently three icons are displayed. One for courses that have been Completed, In-Progress, or Planned. You will see the respective icons listed next to each course in the Status Column. If you have assigned courses to your HUB Planner, and then assigned them to a semester, you will see that Planned courses are indicated using a BLUE Star.
  4. The first column in the Course History table is the Course Column.  In this example you will see that all but one course is a UB course, or is a transfer course that has an exact UB course articulation. In the third row, the course is MTH 141, if you follow the row across to the Grade column, the grade displayed is TB. T in this cases indicates that it is a transfer course, the second letter indicates the Letter Grade earned for the course. In the first row, you will see PSY 101.  The grade for this course is listed at TP. In this case TP is some form of Alternative Credit.  Alternative credit only award PASS Credits – these courses are not used in the computation of your grade point average.
  5. If a course has been completed, you will see a letter grade in the Grade Column.  If the course was taken at UB, you will see a Letter grade from A – F. UB uses a 4.0 Grading Scale. To see the Grade Point Value for each letter grade refer to the Catalog – Explanation of Grades section.



Have you looked at your My Requirements Report in HUB?

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The My Requirements report is a very useful tool in terms of planning and evaluating your academic path.

The HUB Academic Advising Report

The HUB Academic Advisement Report, designed to be used in conjunction with the Undergraduate and Degree Catalog, is useful in the following respects:

  • As an advising tool: to determine progress toward completing all degree requirements;
  • Applying to a department: Reports can be included in the department application process.
  • Analysis of transfer credits: to verify that all transfer credits have been recorded and applied to degree requirements.
  • Evaluation for degree conferral: Reports will be used to determine if students have met the requirements for graduation.

The My requirements report has the following sections:

  • Course History.
  • University Requirements for Graduation.  This section provides
  • UB Curriculum (General Education program).
  • Courses not Allocated to a Major, or UB Curriculum.
  • Acceptance Criteria for Major.
  • Requirements for Major.

If you have questions about the Academic Advising Report, write them down and discuss with your academic advisor.


Graduating at the end of the Semester?

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Are you graduating at end of the semester? If so, you must file an Application for Graduation via your HUB Student Center.Will you finish all of your Degree Requirements by the end of the semester?

If so, you must Apply for Graduation from your HUB Student Center by October 15, 2017.  The Degree Auditors from the Office of the Registrar will review your record to ensure that you have met all University Degree Requirements.  If all criteria have been met, then your Degree will be Conferred in February 2018.

For complete information refer to the Registrar – Degrees & Graduation section.


Are You On Track

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Image of a railroad yard. Are you on track, do you need help building your schedule?Are You On Track?

The Spring 2018 Class Schedule is available for viewing.  You can also start adding course selections to your HUB Enrollment Shopping Cart from your HUB Schedule Builder.  In the next week or so, you will see your Enrollment Date listed in HUB

Do you know which courses you should take next semester to:

  • Begin to satisfy Acceptance Criteria requirements for your major
  • Meet UB Curriculum areas (Foundations & Pathways)
  • Do you know how to select Pathway courses and send them to your HUB Planner
  • Do you know how to assign courses in your HUB Planner to specific semesters?
  • Do you know how to use the Undergraduate Catalog and HUB My Requirements report to help plan for next semester.
  • Do you know how to use the HUB Schedule Builder, and how to send a schedule to your HUB Enrollment Shopping Cart?
  • Have you checked your HUB Holds box to ensure that no holds are listed?
  • Have you looked at your HUB View My Grades section to view your mid-term grades


Finding Undergrad Advising Offices


Week 6 – Fall Semester 2017 (10/1/17 – 10/7/17)

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Week 6 - Fall 2017 dates and remindersSunday, October 1 – Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Spring 2017 Semester Class Schedule will soon be able.

Have you scheduled an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss:

  • How semester is proceeding to date
  • How to find and understand Mid-term Grades
  • How to find courses needed to meet Acceptance Criteria for your Major
  • How to find courses to satisfy UB Curriculum (Gen Ed) requirements (Foundation areas, and Pathways)
  • How to find when you can begin to register for Spring 2017 classes
  • Determine if you have any Holds that might prevent you from adding, dropping, or resigning courses.
  • How to use tools to plan and register for Spring 2017 classes (HUB: My Requirements Report, Planner, Schedule builder, Enrollment Shopping Cart)


Finding Undergrad Advising Offices


Germany: Foreign Reporting in Berlin (Winter)

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Winter Session Study Abroad Course to also satisfy UB Curriculum Communication Literacy 2 requirementsDuring this three-week program, students will transition from foreign tourists to international journalists. The moment they arrive in Berlin they will be encouraged to write about the city and the cultural differences they encounter.

This course will also satisfy the UB Curriculum Communication Literacy 2 requirement.

Read more about the program and costs at UB Study Abroad Germany: Foreign Reporting in Berlin (Winter) (Outgoing Program) page.