Applying to Your UB Major & Minor

Posted July 19, 2016 in Did You Know?, Exploring Majors & Careers

Applying to Your UB Major & Minor

If you are a current UB student who entered the university undecided about your major, changed your major along the way, or you need to take timely action and apply, follow the important steps below to ensure acceptance to your major by no later than 60 credits completed.
Top 3 Reasons to Apply Now!

Gain access to major-only courses

Receive important departmental communications and services, including internship opportunities
Maintain eligibility for financial aid and stay on track toward timely graduation

How to Apply

Find your desired program in the list below and click the corresponding link for further application instructions. Note: Application requirements and deadlines vary by program. The Academic Program will make all admission decisions. Direct all questions and admission decision inquiries to the Academic Program.

Applying to Your UB Major & Minor