Apply to Student Support Services!

Posted May 22, 2014 in Extra Help & Tutoring, General, Students with Disabilities

UB’s Student Support Services Program (SSS) has space available for more students and helps students in every major achieve their goals. If you are enrolled in summer classes and especially if you may be having academic difficulty, then apply and take advantage of SSS today!

SSS is for students interested in making the most of their education at UB and offers:
• Holistic guidance and helpful information from an assigned advisor on academic, personal, financial, and career topics
• Free tutoring in all subjects (available evenings and weekends too)
• Laptop and recording pen loans
• Connections with UB students, staff, and faculty
• Help applying for scholarships, internships, and to graduate/professional schools

Apply to SSS in 215 Norton Hall or access the application online at: