Germany: Foreign Reporting in Berlin (Winter)

Winter Session Study Abroad Course to also satisfy UB Curriculum Communication Literacy 2 requirementsDuring this three-week program, students will transition from foreign tourists to international journalists. The moment they arrive in Berlin they will be encouraged to write about the city and the cultural differences they encounter.

This course will also satisfy the UB Curriculum Communication Literacy 2 requirement.

Read more about the program and costs at UB Study Abroad Germany: Foreign Reporting in Berlin (Winter) (Outgoing Program) page.


Week 5 – Fall Semester 2017 (9/24/17 – 9/30/17)

Week 5 - Fall 2017. Have you selected your UB Curriculum Pathway Courses?Sunday, September 24 – September 30, 2017

Have you chosen your UB Curriculum Thematic and Global Pathway courses?

If you have not yet selected your Pathway courses, you should watch this video: Pathfinder Tool – Exploring the UB Curriculum Pathways.

  1. Select your Thematic and Global Pathway courses.  If need be discuss your Pathway ideas with an academic advisor.
  2. Send your Pathway selections to your HUB Planner.
  3. Using your HUB Planner, you can assign courses to a particular semester.
  4. If you assign courses to a particular semester, you then bring those courses into the HUB Schedule Builder.


Last day to “Resign” a  Fall 2017 7-week 1st  half of semester course:   Friday, September 29, 2017


Have you looked at the UB This Winter Class Schedule?

Refer students to look at the UB This Winter website

How to catch up, get ahead, study abroad or pursue a special interest.

Enroll in UB’s three-week winter session to study here — or anywhere in the world — and earn credit. Make UBThisWinter 2018 your own! For more information refer to UBThisWinter 2018 


Graduating at the end of the semester?

Screenshot of the HUB Student Center indicating where to apply for graduation.

Apply for Graduation: A Must Do, and Degree Checkout Status

Undergraduate Students: You must apply for graduation in your HUB Student Center (via MyUB).

You will only be able to select the Graduation Terms that are available to apply for, and you will not be able to apply for your degree more than one year in advance. You cannot be in an “Intended” plan and must be officially accepted into a major before you can apply for your degree.

Students who will be receiving two degrees (BA & BS, BFA & BA) and students in a combined degree program must apply for both degrees at the same time.

New Information: Your Degree Conferral Date (the date your degree is awarded) is now in the HUB as a “Graduation Term”; the final term (semester) before your conferral. Please be careful when choosing these dates as they can affect your ability to register and possibly your financial aid eligibility.

Source: Registrar – Degrees & Graduation


Things you should do or check on your HUB Student Center in September

Things you should do or check on your HUB Student Center in September.

  1. Check the HOLDs box. Click the Details link to see if the HOLD will prevent you from Adding, Dropping, or Resigning courses. Holds – These are actions used by the university to prevent students from registering for classes, receiving grades, and/or releasing student records, including diplomas, enrollment certification or transcripts. Holds may be placed by various offices on campus for outstanding financial obligations, for failing to submit required documents requested by the University, or identity theft.
  2. If you have questions about regarding your academic plans, contact your Advising Office. In addition to be listed in the Advisor Box in HUB you can also refer to the Undergraduate Advising Directory.
  3. Have you checked your Academic Requirement report to ensure that all transfer and AP credits are displayed? Refer to  Registrar – Academic Requirement video tutorial
  4. Check your Final Exam schedule for conflicts. Reference: Registrar – Final Exam Schedule
  5. Have you chosen your Thematic and Global Pathway courses (Path Finder Tool), and sent them to your HUB Planner? If no you may want to watch the Path Finder Tool video.

Important Tips – Week 4

At This Point in the Semester…

Important tips / ideas for Week 4

1.Utilize Free On-Campus Tutoring

  • Asking for help is the smartest thing you can do!
  • Talk with your instructor and teaching assistant (TA) for assistance.
  • Ask your instructor about being paired with successful students in the course.
  • Ask the department for contacts in the major who can offer help.
  • Form a study group.

2. Support Your Physical & Mental Health

3. Build Relationships with UB Students, Faculty & Staff


Week 4 – Fall Semester 2017 (9/17/17 – 9/23/17)

Sunday, September 17 – Saturday, September 23, 2017

Week 4 - Fall Semester Import dates and reminders

Have you checked out the Winter 2018 Class Schedule?

  • Registration for UB Winter Session 2018 Classes begins on Sunday, October 1, 2017. To view Winter Session classes, click the Winter 2018 Class Schedule.

Financial Liability Deadlines

Course Resign Periods


Fall Reflections

Image of view across Lake LaSalle toward Baird Point and Center for the Arts

Campus reflection, looking across Lake LaSalle toward Baird Point and Center for the Arts.


Week 3 – Fall Semester 2017 (9/10/17 – 9/16/17)

Sunday, September 10 – Saturday, September 16, 2017

Week 3 - Fall Semester 2017 - Important Registration Dates

Have you checked your Final Exam Schedule?

No?  Then follow these steps to find your Exam Schedule:

  1. Go to Academic Section of  your HUB Student Center
  2. Click on the Other academic drop down arrow.
  3. From the Other academic list, select Exam Schedule
  4. Double click the Double Arrow icon next to the Other academic box.

A final exam conflict exists when a student has:

  • Three or more exams scheduled on the same day
  • Two exams occurring at the same time
  • When a student’s exam occurs contemporaneously with his or her commencement ceremony for spring or summer conferral

Students who find themselves with an unavoidable exam conflict should contact the instructors of the courses and explain the conflict in exams. Usually one instructor will be able to schedule an alternate time for the student to take their exam. If students are unable to arrange the re-scheduling of examinations with the faculty, undergraduate students should contact the appropriate dean’s office and graduate students should contact their academic department.

Source:  Registrar – Final Exam Schedule

How to find your Exam Schedule in your HUB Student Center.


Which tools will you use to build your 4-year Plan?

Speak to an academic advisor to learn which tools you will use to build and manage your plan to graduation

Tools You Will Use

You will be using the following tools and resources as you develop and manage your plan to graduate from UB.

  • Undergraduate Catalog
  • HUB – Academic Requirements report
  • HUB –  Planner report
  • UB Curriculum – Pathfinder tool
  • HUB – Schedule Builder
  • HUB – Enroll
  • HUB – My Grades (for Mid-term, and Final Grades)

In future posts we will try to illustrate how you use these various tools to build and manage your academic plan.