HUB Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

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Have you started using your HUB – Academic Requirement Report?


The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) is an advising tool that students and advisors use to track students’ progress towards completing UB Curriculum (general education) and major requirements.

The report compares the student’s course work against UB requirements and indicates whether the student has completed the requirements. The report also calculates the students Grade Point Average (GPA).

See the My Advisement Report Overview (PDF) tutorial for further information.

Students should review their AAR at least once a semester because the AAR:

  • Lists their UB Curriculum (General Education) and major requirements
  • Lists requirements that are satisfied and outstanding
  • Tracks the acceptance criteria (courses & GPA) for entry into majors
  • Tracks progress towards graduation
  • Is used in the university evaluation for degree conferral

How to use the AAR for Course Planning

Before every class enrollment cycle students should review their AAR to determine what requirements are outstanding for both their major and UB Curriculum (general educational) programs. To stay on track for timely graduation students should register for the courses that satisfy these outstanding requirements.

The AAR lists both the requirement, and the classes that will fulfill, or satisfy the requirement.

HUB My Planner

My Planner allows students to plan courses based on their requirements for an individual term, multiple terms, or for their entire program of study. When used along with the enrollment option of choosing courses by My Requirements, students can view, add, and maintain the courses based on their requirements. My Planner allows students to enroll in these planned courses when they are ready.

For further information see HUB: Guide to Using My Planner (PDF) and Enroll by My Requirements (PDF).




Mathematics Help Center

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In the Mathematics Help Center, students take advantage of free tutoring, advice, and resources to help them succeed in our courses.

Mathematics Help Center

The Math Help Center offers free, walk-in help on lower level mathematics courses: MTH 121, 122, 131, 141, 142, 241, 306, 309.

Location: Room 107 and Room 110,  Mathematics Building

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00AM-4:00PM on days when classes are in session.

Math Help Center

Tutoring, Advising, and Additional Resources

  • Office hours: for Professors and Teaching Assistants, see the course syllabus and/or course webpage for their office hours. To see a Professor and T.A. at other times, please contact the individual to make an appointment.
  • Private tutors: A list of private tutors is posted in the Main Department Office.
  • Academic Advisement holds Academic Success Workshops, as well as other valuable information for succeeding in college.
  • Missing an Exam: If you miss (or are about to miss) an exam, please speak to the Professor as soon as you can to determine the policy on missed exams, and (possibly) to reschedule the exam.
  • Incompletes: If you are unable to complete a course for a documented medical reason after successfully completing a part of the course, you may request an incomplete (‘I’ grade) from the course instructor.
  • Re-taking courses: Undergraduates may retake any course once, for purposes of improving a grade. The new grade will replace the old grade in GPA computations, however both the old grade and the new grade appear on the transcript.
  • Other Academic Issues: For other problems, you may wish to speak to your academic advisor, EOP counselor, SEAS advisor, Athletics coach/advisor, or to Patti Wieclaw in the Undergraduate Studies Office.

Are You Ready for Calculus I, Calculus II, … is a collection of Web-based quiz/review programs to test and hone the skills you will need in courses on Calculus and Differential Equations, among others.

Operation Mother Hen is a partnership between the Department of Mathematics and Science and Engineering Node Services (SENS). With support from a Faculty Educational Technology Grant from the University at Buffalo, Operation Mother Hen began as a pilot project in the fall of 1999. The purpose of Operation Mother Hen is to provide entry-level calculus students with an opportunity to review the material that was presented in class by viewing video clips of their instructor as she demonstrates the basic principles of calculus. Operation Mother Hen is not intended as a substitute for class attendance, but rather as a supplement to class attendance. With Operation Mother Hen, students may review the basics as many times as they need to from any Internet-connected computer.

Open Online Courses

Open Online Courses offers an extensive collection of resources for courses in Mathematics at all levels to aid in your study of mathematics. The free courses include videos, test materials, online textbooks, and lecture notes can help you review and better understand concepts in Mathematics.


Considering Law School?

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Greater Western New York Law School Fair


This event draws students and alumni from the 21 colleges and universities across the Western New York region and is open to the general public.

Speak with Law School Admissions representatives about the process of applying to Law School.

Date: Monday, September 26, 2016
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Location: Buffalo Marriott Niagara

Contact: Wayne Porterfield, 716-645-4625,


Sponsored by: Buffalo State College, Canisius College, Niagara University, and University at Buffalo


Have You Checked Your Final Exam Schedule?

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Final Exam Schedule

Your final exam schedule is available in your HUB Student Center (via MyUB).

Student Responsibility for Exam Conflicts

Beginning in the fall 2014 term final exam information will be available one week prior to the start of fall classes.

A final exam conflict exists when a student has:

  • Three or more exams scheduled on the same day
  • Two exams occurring at the same time
  • When a student’s exam occurs contemporaneously with his or her commencement ceremony for Spring or Summer conferral

Students who find themselves with an unavoidable exam conflict should contact the instructors of the courses and explain the conflict in exams. Usually one instructor will be able to schedule an alternate time for the student to take their exam. If students are unable to arrange the re-scheduling of examinations with the faculty, undergraduate students should contact the appropriate dean’s office and graduate students should contact their academic department.

Final Exam Scheduled for More Than One Classroom

If your final exam is assigned to more than one classroom, contact your instructor during the last week of classes to determine where to report for the exam.

Source: Office of the Registrar – Final Exam Schedule


Social Science Majors: Job and Internship Search Strategies

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80% of all jobs and internships come from networking.  Learn how to use BullsEye and Linkedin to network and make connections with UB alumni and professionals from majors.  Plus, hear from UB alumni who are working in the “real world” about how they got their job/internship. Our alumni guest is Zhi Ting Phua, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy./

Don’t miss this free 1-hour workshop for UB students….

Social Science Majors: Job and Internship Search Strategies

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 3:30 p.m.  210 Student Union, North Campus

If you cannot attend this workshop, learn about job searching and networking at: and

See more Career Services Events (workshops, networking events, job fairs and panel discussions) at:


Week 4 – Fall Semester 2016 – Important Academic & Registration Dates

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Sunday, September 18 – Saturday, September 24


(Click on image to enlarge)

  • 15-week Course Resign Period: Wed. 9/7/16 to Fri. 11/11/16
  • 7-week 1st half of semester (7wk1) course Resign Period: Wed. 9/7/16 to Fri. 9/30/16
  • 70% Tuition & 100% Fees liability period: Wed. 9/21/16 – Tues. 9/27/16
  • Winter Session 2017 Class Schedule available now
  • On-campus Tutoring

Need some help with your Math class?

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Visit the Math Place, if you need some additional help


Need help with your math class (ULC 147, ULC 148, MTH 121, MTH 122, MTH 131, MTH 141, or MTH 142)? Check out the Math Place, 211 Baldy Hall, Monday – Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Evening Hours (4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.) offered in conjunction with the Undergraduate Student Association.



Career Services Events – Fall 2016

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Week 1 – Fall Semester 2016: Important Dates

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Week 1 - Fall 2016

  • Have questions about your schedule, speak with an academic advisor.
  • Full Time Status: 12.0 credit hours
  • Dean’s List criteria: 15.0 credit hours; at least 12 for letter grades, 3.60 or higher Grade Point Average
  • Finish in Four: Register for at least 15.0 Credit Hours per Semester